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Are you looking for a natural, fluoride-free way to whiten your teeth?

Activated COCO is the newest answer to your everyday dental care! While ditching the harsh additives and synthetic whiteners of traditional toothpaste, Activated COCO provides a vegan, cruelty-free solution to conventional teeth whiteners! This product is 100% natural, and will leave you feeling fresh all day! 

How can a pitch-black powder whiten your teeth?

Using the power of coconut shell activated charcoal, that's how! There are an innumerable amount of benefits to using activated charcoal to whiten and strengthen your teeth. "Activated COCO" promotes great oral health by balancing the pH levels in your mouth, while also helping to reduce any other adverse effects that bacteria can cause, Such as: Cavities, Gum Disease, and Bad Breath.

"Activated COCO" works to whiten teeth by allowing surface stains, plaque, and tartar build-up to bind to the surface of the activated charcoal, instead of your teeth! This effectively removes all impurities from your mouth, while leaving you with an unmistakably whiter smile!

Don't miss out on activating your brightest smile today!

Check out some of the amazing effects of "Activated COCO"

- Removes Stubborn Surface Stains

- Freshens Breath

- Removes Plaque and Tartar build-up

- Detoxifies Your Mouth

- Produces Polishing Effect

- Improves Overall Dental Health

- Vegan & Cruelty-Free

- 1 30G Activated COCO Charcoal Powder


Orders located within the US can expect their Activated COCO kit to arrive within 2-5 days!

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All orders placed before 8AM that business day will receive FREE SAME DAY shipping!

Activated COCO proudly ships ALL of its orders from the US! NO unreliable Drop-Shipping!

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